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What we offer

The Community Cast has and continues to work with many organisations and communities to support them to cast their voice.



The Community Cast has and continues to support communities and organisation to raise their voice through using podcasting to tell their story. We've worked with: Charities, CiC's and Universities including Walk Talk Action, Voices of Stoke, Staffordshire University, Expert Citizens, British Ceramics Bienniel, Stoke Recovery Services, YMCA North Staffordshire and Baba Baboon media.


The Community Cast have created films for the likes of the Beth Johnson Foundation and All the Small Things CiC and St Mark's Church.

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Research & Evaluation

The Community Cast has worked with the likes of Staffordshire University, Support Staffordshire, B-Arts, Arts Council England and Under One Roof to deliver creative community consultation, research and evaluation.


The Community Cast delivers training on podcasting and community based research. Qualified in Education and Training, at Level three, by C & G. We've provided training for Expert Citizens, Power With UK and Healthwatch England. 

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